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Hunting The Right Mate

Hunting The Right Mate

Hunting The Right Mate

When hunting the right mate many times we look for someone that we can live with that we are compatible with but that's wrong!

It doesn't matter if you have 99.9% of things in common if your feelings are not so strong toward that person that you literally can't see yourself living without them.

Hunting The Right Mate

Unconditional love is what I am talking about to the depth that a parent feels for a child, a child toward a parent or sibling.

There is nothing that a parent would not do for a child. When the child does something wrong regardless how that parent feels about it personally they will always love them.

They are there for that child. The love never dies. This is not to say the parent is agreeing with whatever the child has done. (I want you to understand this)

However, the amount and strength of that love never wavers!

It is this same depth of love that will carry your marriage through even the hardest of times. When you know that no matter what you will love your mate.

So, when looking or hunting for that perfect mate don't look for the one that loves all your hobbies, TV shows and your favorite color.

Look for that gut feeling that just simply tells you, "This IS the one."

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