The Daily Meditation 2.01.2014

“ I Clarify my Vision for New Possibilities in 2014”

Louie Martinez, Practitioner I Student


I know God is a divine presence that is the Truth of Life. I know God is the Freedom that comes from knowing this inner Truth. God is also the Peace of accepting this Truth. I know God is an evolving Presence that unfolds into deeper dimensions of learning, growing and understanding. I know God is Wisdom that is unfolding within the Mind of God and in Life’s Truth.

As I know this is true for me, I know this is true for every person in our community. For we all are an aspect of God’s inner Truth, Beauty and Wisdom. And so I unify with these aspects of God knowing they are True.

I realize that a New Year is upon me and I am stepping out to be seen as an incarnation of the divine expressing my talent, individuality and love. I know 2014 to be a year where all of God’s children can be seen and grow into the fullness of their intended Beauty, Truth and Love. I see our collective vision as a bouquet of colors that express God’s Love, Wisdom and Vision for our lives. Our community reaps the benefits of all that was experienced in the previous year and applying all of this collective knowledge and experience into the ever expanding good. I call this evolution good for it acknowledges what works in our lives. I let go of what didn’t serve me and bless it for the lesson taught. I invest all of it into my evolving consciousness.

I give thanks for clarity of Mind and the Freedom to creat all possibilities anew. And so I speak faith into all intended visions and dreams in our community and bless them knowing this is the collective and individual Mind of Gods creating an ever expanding good. I give thanks for all that is unfolding knowing it is unfolding in its perfect time and season. And so I give thanks for 2014 and declare it to be a year of freedom, truth and beauty.

I release my words into the Law of Good know that God will accept and create all that is in alignment with our inner beliefs, attitudes and faith. And I set this prayer into being by declaring and so it is and so it shall be done. Amen.

Louie Martinez is a Practitioner I Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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