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I hope You will Listen To This As You Read!

I hope you will listen to this as you read!

Because I will be while I'm writing.

I read a remark the other day where someone said, "We don't have to worry about foreigners tearing our country apart because that will be done by Americans."

 How did they know this? They simply watched the news day after day. We've went from a country of honor and pride to a nation of weak whiners. 

It seems we no loner believe in===> Read More

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  • Great post and we also have the same problems in the uk. Thanks for sharing.
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    Hi Sandy yes I was raised with that same pride and values, when I joined the army in 74 my mom took me to my bus to take me to Little Rock. She told me how so very proud she was of me and it was the best birthday present I could give her since that day was her birthday. Seems to me we spend way to much time on worrying about who's feathers we will ruffle and not enough on right, wrong, and God.

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    Yes Terri I do agree with you on this and you know the devil works through those that want prayer out of school and our nation at a time it's needed most!

  • I was brought up after World War II and everyone we knew was proud to be an American. Things have changed because we moved away from God and our children are brought up with no values. Thank you, Susan for sharing this wonderful blog.

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    The way the world is now is because Satan the devil is wicked and trying to get as many people away from God and his goodness. Would you agree with me on this? 

    Matthew 24 tells us how it will be very soon. As for the government, it is run by humans and they have no clue on how to make things right because they can't even run their own lives. 

    We all need God in our lives because he is our protector. God will take care of us when we let him. We must obey God commandments and be righteous in all we do. 

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