IBO Toolbox and Relationship Building:

IBO Toolbox is not only a great place to acquire Free Advertising, but also a place for Relationship Building and Branding.



Relationship Building and Branding yourself is crucial to your business success.  Here at IBO Toolbox we have the opportunity to daily meet new people, as well as, interact  with each other, either one-on-one with the Live Chat, commenting on Press Releases or through the Contact Manager and Forums.


There is also IBOtube for all those who love to connect through video.  IBOtube also gives you the opportunity to put your business in front of your friends, associates and thousands of targeted visitors daily.

It is always a pleasure and honor to be the Featured Member of the Day on this great platform.   IBO is a place where we not only advertise, but we have the ability to learn from one another.  There are my skilled and creative people who engage on this platform.

As we all build relationships, we not only build friendships, but we become family.  We cry together, pray for one another and make suggestions for creation, change, business building, marketing strategies, social media, internet marketing, and so much more.

Many of us wear many hats and can not spend as much time as we would like on the platform, but when we are there we know that we are building relationships, as well as, long lasting friendships and business relationships.

This is a Community where we can utilize the word SERVE:

See the Future

Engage and Develop Others

Reinvent Continuously

Value Results and Relationships

Embody the Values of its members and Administration


As for me, I am a wife, mother of 4 and grandmother to 13.  I am in several businesses, minister and book-keeper at church.  I am also a Realtor, so I seem to always be on the run.

I would like to take the time to thank each and everyone on IBO, as well as the Administration for giving us such a platform.  I have built many solid relationships here.

Thank you for allowing me to Featured Member of the Day once more.

Blessings to each and everyone,

Angela Valadez

P.S.  There are many benefits to joining IBO Toolsuite that I have not even listed here.  See for yourself.  It’s 100% FREE….

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  • You too Angela

  • Thank you ladies for your kind remarks regarding IBO.  I think we all see the value there.  A great week to all, Terri, Sandy, Nichola and Merle.

  • Totally agree Angela, it is a great site.  I stopped using it for a while as didn't have the time to do all the bits and pieces but have got back into it again now.  All the best.

  • This is an excellent post about the value of IBOtoolbox. Thanks for sharing Angela. L&S

  • Wonderful post about IBO, Angela.  Thanks so much for sharing it and I will too.  Go IBO!

  • Top Member

    Lady you are awesome and this is an excellent post on IBOtoolbox. Shared via Syndication Automation and posted on IBOtoolbox so more can read and know about the platform as well.

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