If A Few Drops Of Water Can Do This . . .

A Few Drops Of Water Can Do This

A Few Drops Of Water Can Do This



If Drops Of Water Can Do All That,Imagine What You Can Do!



As entrepreneurs we tend to under estimate
our abilities and over estimate the magnitude
of the obstacles that stand between us and
our goals.


You may not believe me, but I want you take a
second to ponder this . . .


Eons ago there was a small stream that began
as a few drops of water. That stream
gradually turned into a river. That river,
slowly and methodically carved out what would
come to be known as the Grand Canyon.


All from a few drops of water.
On one of my trips to Las Vegas I
decided to take a plane tour of the Grand
Canyon. As I sat there on the plane I thought
about how the Grand Canyon began.


Just a stream flowing down a mountain – if I
had been there at the beginning and someone
told me that one day where I stood there
would be one of the great wonders of the
world, and that it would be created by this
small stream and a few drops of water I would have called that person crazy.
Yet the Grand Canyon exists today.


Your actions are the water that carves your
future business. What you’re doing now may
seem small, a few leads here, and introducing
a few people to your business there, but make
no mistake you’re laying the foundation for
something Grand.

Like the ever flowing drops of waters of the Colorado
River which hold the power to carve through
rock to create its path, your actions will
carry you through any obstacle to your goal.




Make note that Colorado River never stops to
think about the task, the drops of water simply flows.
So too should your actions and desires. Have
faith in them. Keep them flowing constantly
and there is no obstacle too Grand.


Timothy Eller


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  • Thanks Angela!

  • Great article Timothy.  A few drops of water can make a multitude of difference.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.  

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