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In Faith are You a Parent or Aunt or Uncle?

In Your Faith which are You: Parent or Aunts and Uncles?

Your Faith Tree

Where are you located in your faith tree?

your faith

Your faith in comparison to a child, is the perfect way to figure out if your faith is strong or not. Faith is a child born within many people. This faith is nurtured in it's growth by the attention given to it.

The parents they are there day and night even when not in direct contact with that child. The child is forever in the mind, body and soul of that parent.

Aunts and uncles also love their nieces and nephews however in a less intense way. They come on Birthdays, Christmas, cook-outs or the occasional drop by visit.

Parents are being parents day in and day out for the rest of their lives with total surrender of their life to the devotion, loving, nurturing and growth of that child.

Aunts and uncles are also devoted, loving, nurturing and protective of that child but more so with direct contact with the child.

People steeped deep within their faith are the parents these are the ones that constantly submerse themselves in their faith living it every single day.

The Aunts and uncles are the ones that dip down now and then into the pool of faith when in direct contact with that Faith or when in a crises.

When a person lives, breathes, eats and sleeps in their faith they are a parent. When a person calls upon that faith when in a crises they are an aunt or uncle.

Which are you in your faith? Where to you fall in the "Faith Tree?"

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