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In Marketing If You Ain't Not Givin You Ain't a Gettin!

In marketing if you are not giving you can count on one thing "Not Getting" it is a 100% fact not a guess.

Are you trying to get people to read your blog but "You" never read and comment on others blogs?

On social sites do you post and post and get nothing in return? Let me ask you this, do you just read others post or do you also interact with them? If you don't give...


First you must show others that you are worth being friends with then, you have to convince them you have things to say. But here's the thing...

You can't do that by just posting smart sheik stuff on the net you have to do it by first of all showing them you have things to say about "Them" and their interest first.

Then and only then will you be showing them you are worth paying attention to and interacting with and you will see more action in whatever you are promoting or saying.

Think about it when at a party and you get cornered by one of those people that just  talk about them-self or their life and go on and on don't you look for an escape?

You know you do!

Problem is at a party you have to escape gracefully and on line, you just ignore them completely and no one is wiser. See my point here?

If you don't believe me try it out and you will see it's true for yourself. Go to the social sights and actually write and comment. Liking is okay but actual words are much better.

Go to where you have been posting your blog and read and comment on the blogs and then also share them. In your comment let the blog owner know you have shared it.

See what happens. :)

"In marketing it's never about you and ALWAYS about the other person. Believe it, Remember it,  Practice it and success will be yours."

From my heart to yours,


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  • So true  Susan. You do get what you give. Great post. Liked and shared.

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