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In Marketing You Don't Have to be Large Just in Charge

You as a marketer don't have to be large but you sure have to be in charge. You might have made yourself believe that you are but are you really?

Let's take a look and just see if you are as in charge as you "think" you are===>Read More

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  • Yes Timothy, can't believe what they did !

  • Yes I've heard of Troy.

  • Kristi !!
  • Meant to say Kristin. Auto type on my tablet !!
  • I am sure you have probably heard of them online. It was Kristin Johnson and Troy Barnes. They always seemed so honest and trustworthy, but there you go you can never tell.
  • Great post Susan! Sorry to hear Merle,let me know if I can help with anything.

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    Hi Merle,

    I'm so very sorry to hear that :( bless your heart been there a time or two don't let it discourage you though. I do understand what a sicking feeling that is when it does happen. It is also why it makes our job as ethical marketers so much harder.

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    Hi Terri,

    Thank you, people have to know you are in charge or they will not respect what you say, or pay attention to anything you do. Thanks for sharing it :)

  • Great post and I can relate to the question about joining something because they are your friend, but got burnt just a couple of weeks ago in fact when someone did a moonlight flit with all our money so now I will not be joining anything else and just stick to the devil I know !!
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    Powerful post and great questions you have asked for people to consider to know if they are in charge. Shared via Syndication Automation and the Syndication Express business page on Google.

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