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Article writing is a great way to increase the amount of traffic to your website, more importantly increasing your exposure to the world. Writing articles is all about getting links to your website, usually done from within what a "resource box." Your resource box should contain links back to your website, after someone reads your article if they are looking for additional information on the subject they are re-directed to your website.

Resources boxes play an important role in developing back links to your website, which are very important to search engines for ranking your site against your competition. Back links are one of the key factors that search engine use to rate your website based on relevance of a specific keyword, or topic. Creating an effective resource box will drive traffic to your website each time a reader would like additional information about the topic.

Article writing by far is the fastest way to build your back links, drive traffic to your website. Traffic is ultimately, what you want right. You did not build your website just to sit there and wait for people to stumble upon it occasionally. In addition, article writing is a fast and effective way to get your website indexed with the major search engines. When articles are published to directories that already have a lot of traffic your site is "picked" up by the search engines crawlers the next time they visit their web site, this means faster indexing and inclusion in search engines

Once you write an article you have to get it published, this is very easy to do, find article directories that are high traffic and user friendly. High traffic sites are your best option, your article spread around the internet much faster, and therefore getting you traffic faster.

The more articles that you write the more traffic you drive to your website. A good number to start with is five articles, write and publish a minimum of 5 per day, or at least 150 per month. In the right directories and distribution, you can build thousands of back links a month.

Timothy Eller

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  • Thanks Merle

  • Great written post Timothy and thanks for sharing your great advice.

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    You are very welcome :) lol

  • Thanks for the tip Susan,lol!

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    Hi Timothy,

    This was great information. I do have one suggestion. Please write and article something like "How to: for dummies like Susan!" LOL

    For those of us that have no idea what a resource box is or...where one might find that, then go on to explain what the heck article directories are and that would help many people. :) At least I hope it would help many and that I'm not the only dummy out there :)

    It was a great article :) thank you

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    Thank you, thank you Timothy for writing this post. You explained article writing very well. When SE members publish a new blog post in the community, it is indexed and ranked in 12 to 24 hours. As you said in your post, this is free traffic from the search engines when you use the correct keywords. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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