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Internet Business Models 3 Most Popular

Internet Business Models 3 Most Popular


Three Types of Affiliate Marketing

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Of course, Internet businesses are not just about one model. This means there are numerous types for you to choose from. Surely, there would be one that would suit your interests and complement your skills.

In reality, the Internet can give you countless possibilities in terms of starting a business and earning money. This post will focus on the three most popular. These are known to have launched thousands of Internet businesses all over the world.


1. Pay per Sale Affiliate Marketing: This will allow the affiliate or the website owner (you) to earn big money from sales completed through the advertisements on your website.

The merchants will monitor the activity on your website through their sales.

Every time they close deals done through the ad on your site, you'll receive a percentage of the income or a fixed commission, depending on the number of sales that they close.

(One example is Clickbank)


2. Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing: This model is all about linking the merchant's website to your own website.

Say the merchant pays to have their ad posted on your page.

Every time a visitor clicks the link that leads to your

affiliate merchant's page, you'll earn a fixed amount.


3. Pay per Lead Affiliate Marketing: Known as the highest revenue-generating form of affiliate marketing in the world of Internet business.

Since you'll be accepting advertisements posted on your website for extra income, you also open yourself to better chances of earning more money.

Leads coming from the ads or links on your websites will be paid good money.

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How are payments made:

Payments may come in instantly or on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

The payments will be based on the amount that you and your affiliate merchant have agreed upon for each deal. There are several ways to get your payments.

1. One is via electronic banking by way of payment or financial websites.

2. Money can also be wired through to your personal bank account this can also be done online or through direct bank deposits.

3. A regular check can be mailed to you.

4. Another popular way to receive payments is via PayPal.

Tomorrow we will look at, well we will let that be a...


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  • Great piece of work on affiliate programmes.  Have shared for you.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Terri,

    I agree with you 100% :) personally I to am into residual which is why when Pure Leverage came out with GVO I was thrilled. There are those though that like the affiliate marketing. But I'm with you...

    Thank you for your comment and input.


  • Top Member

    Your information is good Susan. However as a network marketer and MLM coach, I have to say it as I see it. There is nothing wrong with affiliate marketer accept that it doesn't allow you to EARN residual income and you must always be looking for new products to sell. In my opinion it is not a win win deal for all. It is for the person that just want to sell, sell, sell. This means you can never ever retire.

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