Is Credit Ruining Your Marriage or Business?

We know statistically that the biggest reason for marital problems and divorce is finances.

Debt does not serve the person holding the debt but instead the one who extended the credit. Our financial system is built on how much money a lender can give at the highest rate possible. It’s not there to serve you; it’s there to serve them.

We've all met the business owner or family that has shared how hard it is to keep afloat when your income is exceeded by expenses. Over the years, we've been taught that credit will alleviate the problem, and if used right at the proper time that can be true.

Some businesses are even using their personal debt to keep their business afloat. This usually spells disaster.

While debt can be crushing to a business and personal finances, the real struggle many times is between a husband and wife that are fighting over how to solve the problem. The simply don’t see eye-to-eye.

Read more from today's blog for solutions and tips on keeping your business and marriage afloat when financial problems occur:

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  • Thank you everyone for the very kind comments!!!

  • Don & Nicole Purdum, I love your post and your site.  It does my heart good to see all that you two are striving to accomplish.  I have tweeted for you and this was shared on LinkedIn IBOToolBox2.

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    I enjoyed reading your post Don and debt is not good for married couples. It can be very disastrous for some. I had a relative that went through this and it was not pretty. They ended up divorcing because of it. I have shared your post for more married couples to see.

  • Thanks Don!

  • Thanks for sharing this information Don.  Very interesting. Too much credit can be a disaster for sure.  Liked and Shared.

  • Good post, Don! It's hard to resist the lure of credit but it can get you into trouble. We need to keep our goals in mind constantly and decide what is the best course to achieve them.

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