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Is Your Business Plan Failing?

Is Your Business Plan Failing?

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Is your business plan on line failing? Let's take a look at a list of three things you might be doing wrong, to try and succeed on line.

  • Blogging
  • Networking on Social Sites
  • Branding Yourself

These three are the top theories out in cyber space at this time about how to make loads of cash and succeed on line.

If you are using these three or any combination of them let's take a deeper look into what they are and how you might be using them wrong...

Blogging is great for so many reasons, it for one can be a stress relief for you. Your audience and possible buyers get to know you.

You can share all about your favorite subjects, passions, or pass on information to others and give them great value.

You are also socializing so you are killing 3 birds with one stone. This is what makes the blogging theory so great.

Then you have Networking where you connect with people on social sites. You find out all about how other people are doing while, building their trust in you as well as showing you are interested in them.


Last but not least is Branding yourself showing who "You" are and what you are about as well as what all you have done and know.


Now, looking at those three unofficial explanations up there do you see anywhere, anything about selling your product/business to anyone? No, you don't. Why?

Well because you are so busy trying to show everyone you are great person giving value in the hope they will be so grateful they will join/buy your business/product.

It doesn't work that way so you need to start asking for that sale. I don't want you to take me wrong all these theories are wonderful ones I use them too.

But there are times you have to just push that nice guy in you out of the way and stop being afraid that you're going to run someone off or offend them buy pitching your product/business to them.

your business plan

your business planI do not mean for you to go out and spam people. What I am talking about is:

[ In your close of each theory: be it, blogging,networking or branding, ask for that sale. ]

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