It costs how much??

It costs how much??

I get that question a lot when I talk to people about my Network Marketing program. Nothing in life is free!...almost nothing! Not even your 9-5 job is free! I mean really, if you want to break it down. My husband drives to work everyday, it cost him $20 a day just to drive to in a sense he is paying to work. 

Now lets think about when you start a business. Whether it be a flower shop or a restaurant. First you have to buy your merchandise, food, or whatever it is your selling. Not only that but you probable have a rent fee, plus your utilities, your in the negative before you've even opened your doors!!

Once your business has opened if you don't do advertising chances are you will have no customers...most new businesses advertise in the paper. That can get pretty pricey!!

And what about on your slow days?? The light bill still has to get paid, you still have to pay rent! Even if don't sell a single thing that day.

Do you see where I'm going with this?? When your looking at Network Marketing Opportunities. Look at what all your getting? For instance with Xpress Healthcare we pay $67 dollars, it includes numerous personalized web site's, capture pages, auto responders, look at all the features below....and you has get the premium package! So you can save on your families heath care too!

Plus Xpress Healthcare has awesome training! Just that simple. So is $67 dollars really that much after all? If you put things into perspective, not at all.

So find out what exactly your getting for the money your putting into your home business. I think you will realize how much money your are actually saving! And making! 


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