Interested in becoming part of a worldwide movement? Curious about the Recent CBD Oil Craze, and what all the noise is about?

I have a huge announcement about what is going on in my life.

I just joined a new company 1 week ago, and am amazed by what has already happened. Finally, I have found a way that I can actually make money using the Internet and I have committed myself to make this work.

The Marketing System is the best I have seen. As you can tell I am excited about this as it has proven itself to me already.

One of the amazing things about this is that I and my team do not have to do it alone we work together with proven leaders.

Many of us are making plans for the New Year. If you are interested in finally making a change in your finances or health and wellness this next year, then we need to talk.

Right now you can get one of the top spots on my team and once you see this you will understand just how important that is.

If you are ready to make a change, willing to learn, willing to work and would like to know more about what I am doing then let me know and I will send you the info.
If you are happy where you are at and with what you are doing, I understand, and we will still be friends.

If you’re the least bit interested in joining our team of CBD Entrepreneurs feel free to click the link to our website for more information and to view our Compensation Plan.

We offer a fairly good selection of products and our CBD oils come in both very low THC, and THC Free (for those who prefer not to have any THC in their system for one reason or another, I’m one of those!) CBD Oils come in in both high quality 500 mg and 750 mg bottles. We also sell creams, non-CBD health improvement sprays that help your body, mind, sleep, energy, trim,and boost. and some dog treats/supplements with CBD in them, we are continuing to grow our selection of supplements to meet the ever growing demand!

You can sign up as just a Preferred Customer and earn free products or as an Affiliate and earn residuals for life!

When you sign up, and I will be doing this too, hopefully … Is to sell our products locally at some of the flea and farmers markets!

This is definitely the #1 program to earn real money month after month, because we have the best products I use them and love how the non-THC oil helps improve my overall well being, beyond what I am already doing.

(I Have to add this statement)

This statement is from personal experiences and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I nor MyDailyChoice, Inc. assumes any responsibility for the improper use of and self-diagnosis and/or treatment using these products. 

Our products should not be confused with prescription medicine and they should not be used as a substitute for medically supervised therapy. If you suspect you suffer from clinical deficiencies, consult a licensed, qualified medical doctor. 

You must be at least 18 years old to visit our website and make product purchases. We do not make any health claims about our products at MyDailyChoice. Before taking our products, it’s wise to check with your physician or medical doctor. It is especially important for people who are: pregnant, chronically ill, elderly, under 18, taking prescription or over the counter medicines. 

None of the information on our website is intended to be an enticement to purchase and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. The use of any of our products for any reason, other than to increase general health & wellness, is neither, implied nor advocated by MyDailyChoice, Inc.

Thank you for your time and support.

MyDailyChoice Affiliate

Robert Pugliese Jr aka rjpjrblue

MDC Independent Affiliate

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  • Thank you Terri and Susan, it's going good so far just joined the team back in December I received my first order of CBD Oil waiting on my Auto-ship on the 25th and I have 2 Pre-Enrollees from my own advertising!

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    Robert thanks for the post I enjoyed reading it and also shared it. I have used CBD oil before it really is amazing. Good luck I know you are doing to do well.

  • Top Member

    Thank you for sharing the CBD information in the SE community. I know several friends that have said great things to me about MyDailyChoice. Wishing you every success you deserve. 

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