Living with Anxiety Disorders

Living with Anxiety Disorders

Useful information from the National Institutes of Health
Anxiety is an uneasy feeling that something may harm you or a
loved one. This feeling can be normal and sometimes even
helpful. If you’re starting a new job or taking a test, it might make
you more alert and ready for action. But sometimes anxiety can
linger or become overwhelming. When it gets in the way of good
health and peace of mind, it’s called an anxiety disorder.

If you have an anxiety disorder, you’re not alone. Each year, tens of millions of Americans of all
ages suffer from long‐term anxiety. Among children, anxiety disorders are the most common
form of mental illness—one they may carry into adulthood.
For those with anxiety disorders, fears, worries and anxieties can cause so much distress that
they interfere with daily life. The anxiety grows out of proportion to the stressful situation or
occurs when there is no real danger.

Anxiety activates the body’s stress response. Nearly all the cells, tissues and organs in your body
go on high‐alert. This stress response can wear your body down over time. People with chronic
(long‐term) anxiety have a higher risk of both physical and mental health problems. Some people
visit their doctors because of headaches, racing heart or other physical complaints without
realizing that these symptoms may be connected to how anxious they feel.
If you are troubled by anxiety, the first person to see is your primary healthcare provider. He or
she can check for any underlying physical illness or a related condition. You may be referred to a
mental health specialist, who might help to identify the specific type of anxiety disorder and the
appropriate treatment. With proper care, most people with anxiety disorders can lead normal,
fulfilling lives.

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