Let us all be honest We get into all these different Niche's and products selling to create an income to take care of our families. We are just tired of punching a clock, commuting to work might be tedious or a circumstance may have happened and made you see life from a different perspective. Whatever the situation we decided we came up with a goal or dream to become empowered. That gut feeling is pushing you to keep dreaming and make it as big as possible.

This empowerment is accompanied by a new set of decision making and life takes on a different direction.  Friends and families will have various opinions.  No one will understand the passion you have for your products and services. You as the entrepreneur knows the product or service we are offering will make a change in someone life. Because I am going by the philosophy if it works for me it can work for everyone else, although it might not be factually true from another perspective.

I  remembered my son who is now a teenager would see me sitting at the computer for long hours at night and up at 4 am again at the computer.


He would say to me "Ma what are you doing?"

Reply "I am creating away in life where financially we will not be in need."

Son " You are doing this for so many months on end and there aren't any results."

Reply with such passion " I know son, It will pay off on day soon." 

Son " Yeah Right, those things don"t  work. The statistic shows blah, blah, blah. " with a whole scientific explanation.

Reply "Ok son one day you will see,  I know your college will be paid in full."

Son " Alright Ma."


That was the end and this topic was never revisited again.  He would presently remind me why I am not on the computer working when I am enjoying some me time.

It is so important for us as business owners to have the support of our loved ones. They might not see our vision as we do in the beginning when we tilling the soil. Now the crops are producing and it is so important to hold on to that vision, although at times it may feel unreachable. 


Thank You for reading.

Your wealth advisor,

Camille Cameron

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  • Thank you so kindly, Chris and Terri, for reading my article. It is an honor to be a part of SE blogging community.

  • Yes, you do have to plant before you can reap the rewards. It is not easy but so worth it in the end.

  • Top Member

    When you believe and have faith, you will always come out on top. Happy to have you in the SE blogging community and look forward to reading more blog posts from you. 

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