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Marketing Like a Child The Only Way to Success…

Marketing Like a Child The Only Way to Success...

Marketing like a child is the only way that you can succeed. I challenge you to watch the video above and then say that dreams can't or don't come true!

The total innocence of a child repels the very idea of failure, they see a dream and that dream is all that they see.

They know no fear, they are not afraid to work, to dream,to take set backs and yet move forward.

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As the child ages, their universe gravitates toward the skeptic world of adulthood. This is when the dream drifts away.

Sadly if children don't have parents or mentors that will guide them away from that gravitational pull they will fall into the realm of standard adulthood where they become average citizens.

You can actually see the difference in the video between how the child views things and how most grown ups see things. Again I challenge you to watch it.

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    Hi Angela,

    Yes, he does :) and thank you for liking and sharing :) and most of all for just reading it.

  • Outstanding post Susan.  Even the Lord tells us to watch the little children.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

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