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Marketing Tactic: Kick to The Shin Then Show "Your" Business


A Marketing tactic that always gets people attention. (Bad Attention) This type of attention you don't want or need.

See if this sounds familiar to you...

You are on Facebook, Google or Skype take your pick. You are minding your own business then suddenly out of no where you have a  friend (?) message you saying,

"Hey (insert your name here) how are you? It has been a long time hasn't it?

You of course know it has because you are sitting there wondering who the crap is this?

Then you get the pitch: "I saw this and thought of you "Blah, blah, blah..."

Thought of you? They don't even know you! Your just a name on their list.

Now, normally I'm polite and sit there and just let them ramble! Then try as politely as possible to exit the conversation with a thank you I'll take a look later or some other limp excuse.

This approach is much like a kick to the shin. It is designed to get your attention. It works too, well, up to a point anyway.

If you have been doing marketing this way, granted the attention was gained but, very short lived. Then the aggravation sits in and guess what?

You have not only lost a potential lead, prospect or sign up you will...

Most likely get deleted off the friend list or reported for spam.

Do Not do marketing this way! You not only ruin it for you but every other marketer out there you know why?

Because, when marketers use the shin kick method soon everyone that sees any marketer only sees your approach and this is what happens...


What you do, how you act and the way you present yourself effects much more than just you and "your" business.

Run your business with honor and those you meet will honor you as well as all other marketers.

The Honor of our business STARTS with you!



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  • Excellent PR Susan.  You are so right.  Run your business with honor.  Liked and Shared.

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