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Marketing vs Business Education is Key

 Marketing vs Business Marketing


The Difference in The Two


Marketing is marketing regardless if it's, Affiliate Marketing, Networking Marketing, Direct Marketing or Business Marketing.  However, there are distinguishable differences in running a real business and, just marketing to try and get rich. The difference is Ethics. In one you are out for the sole purpose, to get sign-ups into an opportunity. In the other first and foremost you are educating, likely you are using, selling, and promoting your products.


Helping Others or The Almighty Dollar


Many marketers normally have little to no training. They may or may not even use the products offered, some don't even know there are products. What these marketers are taught is, to go out get people to sign up, pay their memberships then move on to the next victim because that is how you make money in those types of opportunities. The difference in Business Marketing is we train people by educating them, then teach them to help educate others. In one scenario, you have people wanting to help others by educating, in the other you have people wanting to make the almighty dollar and that's all. 


Do You Want Ethical or Shady?


There is one other big difference, the general marketer does not see what they are doing as a business. They are told sign-up it cost you nothing to build a million-dollar business! Sadly, there are a lot of people that actually believe this. This is a big Ethics violation far as I'm concerned. You ask any successful business person if they could build a business for no money going out. (Spoiler ALERT) It will be the hardest you have ever seen anyone laugh! 



If you want to be one of those other marketers I wish you well. If you want to be a real business owner with real products and someone to help you that has common sense then feel free to click here now, to start your education. 



Education First, it's the key to the world,


Ebb and Flow Money Owner: Susan Boston    


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    Agreed Terri, Integrity, humility and patience are virtues, you have to possess to be successful. Whether it's in your business or personal life.
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    Great topic Susan. If you lack ethics you have nothing, no matter how much money you have. I certainly don't want to do business with you. Of course money is the primary goal but it's not the only reason successful business people went into business. It's because they wanted to do something they are passionate about and want to share with others. As as help others who want, to reach their goals also.
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    This is very good Susan and your message is right on. Integrity, humility and patience is needed as well. People can tell when you have a money agenda. They will run away from you when they feel it. Relationships is the key to success. Thank you for sharing your post here. A very good lesson on having ethics.
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