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Marriage Moments That Make You Laugh...Or Not!

Marriage Moments That Make You Go HMMMMMM?

My Hero!

There are those marriage moments that last forever! We live in Texas and for anyone that doesn't know about Texas we have droughts A LOT.

We were right in the middle of the last one and this one was particularly bad. We went for years without decent enough rain.

Every critter was desperate for water. Wildlife was going to places they never went to try and find a drink.

As was the 4ft. long snake one morning that was crawling all over our brick on our house trying to find a way in to either water or to try and cool off.

I opened up the shade in the living room and there it hung on the outside (Thank God) of the window; then it proceeded to crawl all over the front of the house before heading the back of the house.

Did I panic? Panic is not quite the word for it.

Quickly I pick up the phone call my husband that was at work and told him the situation. He said, "Okay, be right there."

My hero arrives asking nonchalantly,

"Where's the snake?" Shaking Head photo 36_20_21.gif


I replied, "Probably in Oklahoma by now!"

Keeping your sense of humor in married might not save you from divorce but it sure as heck WILL save you from murdering them!

Have a great day!



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