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Marriage Tips: 3 Word Menu

Marriage Tips: 3 Word Menu You Are What You Eat!

Many marriage tips relay to you that you must predefine what you expect in your marriage or relationship.

Well now, that might just sound all official, grown up and right out the thing to do but common sense just plain tells you that's crap!

How can you predefine what you expect in your relationship when, you have NO IDEA what is going to go on in that relationship over a long period of time?

3 Word Menu

Marriage tip

These are the three words in your menu of life that you might have to eat if you ever place a predefined order by telling your partner "If you ever...(place your conditions here) i.e Cheat, Drink, ignore me..

There will be at this point many that will decided I don't know what I am talking about and that's fine but before you dismiss anything I say from here on out let me explain a few things here...

What I Am Saying and What I Am Not Saying

What I am saying:

  • All people are human and will screw up
  • You should love unconditionally

In a lifetime of living with another human being there are going to be screw ups on their part and on yours.

They are not perfect and you are not perfect. We by just being human cannot (be) perfect. If this is what you are expecting then plan on short term relationships.

What I am NOT saying:

  • Let no one beat you!!!
  • Let no one miss-treat you!!!

What I am not saying is for you to take any type of abuse be it physical or mental. If this is happening to you GET OUT and do it NOW! Tell someone, call someone do NOT let this go on it doesn't get better it gets worse.

You might think they will kill you if you leave and I can't lie to you there is that chance however...

If you don't get out it's no longer just a chance it IS a given!

Should this be happening to you or someone you know get help call this number:

National Hotline (800)799-7233

When I say love unconditionally I also mean yourself!



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