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Mind Melt Moment Empowerment of Your Mind

Mind Melt Moment Empowerment of Your Mind

empowerment of your mind

Empowerment of your mind is your responsibility only. When you are strong of mind no one other than you can direct your mind.

Have you ever had one of those days that you are feeling quite well and then you run into someone with all kinds of negative thoughts and suddenly you're in a bad or depressed mood?

Do you know why?

The question why is right, the direction of that question however, is wrong.

empowerment of your mind

Confused yet? If so that is understandable. You have a lot of baggage to get rid of but that's as simple as a question away. What question you ask...

No, that's not a question that's the answer.

Your mind is a living computer. How do computers work? Well, you type in questions i.e (What is the weather like in Texas today.) or any information you're looking for hit enter and what happens?

The Search for...


Now, if you want weather in Texas and you type in New York the answers that the computer comes back with are NOT the computers fault. Who's fault is it? "Yours"!

Your mind is the same. If you ask your computer (brain), "Why is it so hard for me to earn money, why don't people like me and so on you put the information into your brain that you"re broke and no one likes you.

Your brain then searches for all the negative reasons you are broke and lonely. Your are in essences back linking to the negativity.

Empowerment of your mind works like this, change the negative to positive. I know you're thinking ah.. Affirmations, yes but with a twist.

If you would like to know more about this process here's the link. (I am in no way connected or profit at all from this link) This is strictly for knowledge of what I'm talking about.

Now back to the twist, rather than negative questions use positive ones.

  • Negative: Why am I broke
  • Positive: Why does money come to me so easily
  • Negative: Why does everyone hate or dislike me
  • Positive: Why does everyone like me and want to be around me

Now, what I don't want you to do is search for these answer consciously. Like your computer which will answer your search by throwing it up on the computer screen; your answers will be answered in the life you are living.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and learned from it as well. I do hope you will check out that link because it has help me a lot in life.

I only wish the best for you so I share... and hope that you to will share my post and feel free to comment.


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