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Misunderstanding in Communications Kills

Misunderstanding in Communications Kills


Misunderstanding in communications has killed more relationships than time and distances. When misunderstandings are not cleared up in a reasonable amount of time chances are they will separate people forever.

What must happen is one party must undergo that first step to contact and reconnect with the other person. Problem with this is many people will let this drag out way to long with each moment that passes into hours, days, weeks and so on until the rift just gets bigger.

Continually it will become harder and harder to take that first step then we are lulled into a false sense of "Oh, it will all work out." But...

It doesn't.

It is a sad thing when a relationship of any kind is thrown in the trash just because of miscommunication on the part of two people. Don't let this happen to you if you can help it.

All that "you" can do is to try to put that first foot forward in an attempt to rectify the misunderstanding and hope that the other party is willing to meet you half way.

If they aren't then you can go on your way knowing that you at least have tried.

May none of your misunderstandings go un-cleared.


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    Hi Jack,

    Yes both parties do have to address their concerns and hopefully there will be a positive out come. :) thanks for reading.

  • The key to resolving misunderstanding is for one or both parties to address their concern(s) or issue(s). You touched on it in your post here. Thanks Susan.

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    Oh Merle,

    That is so sad. It's bad enough when it's just two friends but a sister? I'm so very sorry but at least you tried and that's about all you can do communication is a two way street and if one doesn't want that then you might as well be talking to the street sign post ya know?

    Maybe one day she will reach out to you :) thank you for your input.

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    Hi Terri,

    Yes, I have that problem too, then there are times that I think I say things in a way that can be taken two different ways and I cause the misunderstanding myself, so it's my fault when that happens.

    I do think though that when people care they try and work it out. :) thank you for your comment :)

  • This is so true Susan.  I had the same problem with my one and only sister in 1996.  I still do not know why she won't speak to me.  I did try many times but she doesn't want to know.  I don't even know where she lives now so can't try any more.  Thanks for sharing.

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    You are so right and that is why I speak my mind so there is no chance of misunderstanding. I am an open person and sometimes that gets me in trouble because some people don't know this is how I am. Those who know me understand this.  Shared via Syndication Automation and posting on the SE blog so more can see and read it.

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