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I don't know how many will understand what I am talking about. So I will definitely explain it to you.

If YOU are a blessing to be blessed you will surely know it.

Have you heard the saying "YOU reap what you sow."

This is very clear to me, and the meaning says a lot because if what you are putting out is bad then it will come back to you.

The flip side is great because if you put out great, excellent value to people then the outcome and blessings will boomerang back to you every time. HINT: It isn't about money all the time.

Money will only let you pay your bills and get the things that are necessary for you to live a peaceful and happy life.

Are you getting what I am saying to you?

YOU must lose your money agenda. Forget about making the BIG BUCKS!

That's not what it is all about. No matter what the so called 6 or 7 figure earners tell you. This is all about you and what makes you happy.

YOU must listen to people so that you can learn and build a relationship with them.

If this post has resonated with you, then I encourage you to contact me at my website below.

I look forward to learning more about you, so I can help you to make money online.


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  • That was some awesome words of wisdom Terri shared every where for you
  • Thank you Terri. Bless you Terri and thank you for your help. Have a great weekend.

  • Wonderful, Terri.  I have a missionary friend who signs her newsletters, "Blessed to be a blessing!". We feel this so strongly that each day we pray our real estate business and our online businesses are blessed so we can be a blessing.  And as you said, Terri, it isn't always about money. It's about caring, and hearing and helping. Thank you for putting it so beautifully.

  • Excellent PR Terri.  Your explanation is quite clear.  Thanks for caring enough to explain.  Liked and Shared.

  • Great post Terri. So true. 

  • Great post, Terri! I agree; we are given so that we can give, because giving blesses both the giver and the receiver.

  • So true Terri, thanks for sharing.

  • I really do hear you! I have been reading the success in 10 steps book and its really teaching me that understanding.

  • Love this Terri, I have been thinking along the same line as you have lately. You have presented this concept in a loving and understandable manner. Liked and shared. Hope you are having a great and restful weekend.

  • Coming from a position of love and heart space is powerful. Giving support and encouragement at the start of the journey will help others over come the fear that paralyses them.

    Great advice

    Peter Gibbins

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