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MLM Training - MLM Responsibility: How Do YOU React?

People get mixed up about their responsibility in their life.

You are NOT responsible for what other people do. Sometimes someone does something that harms you and you think, "I shouldn't have let that happen."

Not true. You are not responsible. If you try to claim responsibility for something that is not in your power to control, then you actually diminish your ability to control your life. Why? Because deep inside, you know such actions are out of your control. And if you make yourself responsible for something that is out of your control, then you are walking down a losing road.

You ARE 100% responsible for how you react to what other people do. You don't have to be "done in" by anything anybody else does. It is your decision what you focus on. So how you react is always your choice. If you choose to react as a victim, then once again, you are walking down a losing road. The correct choice is to learn from your mistake and put yourself in a position where YOU are in control of the situation, never a victim. This may take some thought, but the solution is always there.

You are NOT responsible for bad things that happen in your life. You ARE 100% responsible for how you react to the bad things that happen.

Terri Pattio

MLM Coach

Mentor with a servant's heart

"Listen, Live and Learn in the now"

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    Thank you Dr. F very much. It is so wonderful to meet you.

  • Awesome post, Terri! Too often we fall into this trap.

  • Thanks Terri

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    Thank you Ann and Merle for your input. I appreciate you and many blessings to come for you both.

  • Great post Terri definitely agree it is how you react to things.  Thanks for sharing.

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