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I can tell you from experience there is no such thing as enough money, “I mean asked the government!”

Think about it, what hope do you as an individual have of attaining enough money when the Federal Government can’t do it? My major in the school of hard knocks has taught me that regardless of how much you have you will always need more unless…

You Can


There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of more of the things you want in your life. You should never let anyone tell you any different. When you start to settle is when you stagnate.

Those that settle... you will know them I promise you. They are the ones that complain about their job, the drive to the job, the house they live in, the car they drive and all the other things they find wrong with life. Yet do nothing to change or better their situation.

All the while these people complain about their life, they are brow beating and belittling you for trying to better your life.

In marketing we call them the Nay-Sayers. What they commonly are called by us though, are friends and family. :(

When my husband and I made lower wages, we lived on lower wages, as the wages would climb so would our aspirations of having new stuff or prices would go up on things and the snowballs keeps rolling.

We did the same thing for years work, sleep, eat. The next morning we would do that all again like the guanine pig in the wheel.

Then my husband started looking at extra ways to make money. Yes, there was trial and error but that did not stop him. He ignored the Nay-Sayers. (In the beginning I’m ashamed to say I was his Nay-Sayer leader.)

He would use money, “I thought we didn’t have to grow our dream.” That dream was to own and live on a ranch of around 40 to 50 acres with horses, cows and room to live without someone looking out of their house into ours.

To our daily life we added the extra pursuit of what we really wanted. We now own and live on our ranch of around 40 acres complete with horses, cows and the nearest house about 10 acres away in any direction….

Let no man take away the dreams that God has given you! Susan J Boston

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  • So true Susan!

  • Vision is so powerful! I'm glad you're husband persevered and that you both can share in the fruit of the dream that has come true. Blessings~

  • Top Member

    Great post Susan. You are telling the truth. Shared on the Syndication Express business page.

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