Monday morning matters

A great video I found. Do you dislike Monday mornings? I know I do.

I have come to learn to be happy no matter what day it is or what worries I have. Look around and see how so much good you can do for others. Helping others not only boost your self-esteem, but really it will focus your thoughts away from yourself onto others who have it much worse than you. Visit my page for a very important video. It can change your perspective about the real meaning of life.

Monday Mornings Matter

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  • Thanks for sharing 'Monday morning matters'   It is so true that we can make Monday's feel like any other day and it does help to help and uplift others along the way

  • Great video Christine, thanks for sharing.

  • I am in agreement with your blog post.  Thank you for sharing.  I will share/tweet.

  • Thank you Susan and Terri, I thought the video was great myself. Susan I just love animals. Your dog has found a loving home in you.

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    That's so great I love that video :) you know we tend to just not think about things like which was shown on there and it's sad. I wish everyone would watch the video and stop and think. I know there at times seem like so many to have to help but even if people pick even one to work on and even though they are just one they can make a difference. I adopted a Boston terrier dog from our shelter and she has been the most wonderful dog ever. She's way up in years and blind but she's still with me :)

    People can give to cause even in small amounts it dosen't have to be 5000 to count. I give to several and even though it's not much it's something. I urge everyone to watch the video that Christine has put there and then act on the warm feeling in your heart and help others. It feels really good :)

    Thank you for the great post and video,


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    I'm in complete agreement with your post today. Liked and shared for more to see your post and video.

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