Money – Are Family Members Ideal Borrowers?

What happens if you lend money to a family member and they are unable to pay you back? Are you going to go and take their car? Of course not. This is what makes lending money to family members so difficult.


If you are planning to lend money to any family members, you need to be prepared to say goodbye to that money forever. In most situations the odds of you being paid back are quite small, so you need to be aware of that. Since lending money to family members can be difficult, there are some tips to help make it easier.

1: Never lend out money that you need or want. If you yourself are on a tight budget you cannot afford to go giving money to friends and family. It may sound harsh but you have to come first, if you go broke who is going to help you? As I stated above, any money you give you need to be prepared to never get back. So if you have no money to spare, then you cannot give any away.

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  • Top Blogger


    You are so right! When you give a.k.a (loan) money to friends or family it's best you give in the giving mode. You also know when it's time to say no more I'm sorry.

    There is no amount of money worth family or real friends.

    Great post I shared it for you.

  • Top Member

    Broke is temporary. People who borrow will always do that because they have a lack mentality. It will always be this way until they realize they need to stop borrowing and take action to change their situation. If they don't they will be this way forever. This is just who they are.

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