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MONEY! How much do you need?


Money (That's What I Want) ~ Barret Strong 1959


Hi All,

George Pierce, here.  I guess people have wanted money ever since it was invented.  It is one thing to want money, it is another to need money.

I can relate to running out of food, two or even three days before getting paid. I was young and naive, I had no savings, and I worked for a company that always had an excuse for why my commissions were not being paid,  The bottom line is that I made minimum wage for about six months until the company went out of business.  I literally know what it is like to be needy, broke, and hungry.

I do not wish that kind of financial condition on anyone.  

I want to fix that for you if you want or need money.

This post is a heads-up about a video that I will be posting soon.

In the video, I share the five best ways to make money...serious money...$1M or more.  

Ways ANYONE can follow!  

Sneak Preview:

One of the five ways to achieve wealth is to invest in stocks by way of a retirement account 

such as a 401K. As you can see below, it does not take a lot of money to build up a $1M 

nest egg. But most of us do not start early, or as early as we should.  Keep reading.


Why watch the video?

One way to compensate for getting started late is to make more than 10%.  

I share one of my investments that has been earning 29.5% over the last two years.

You will also get to see four other ways to create wealth, along with tips, insights, and 


The secrets that you will discover are based on experience, hard-earned secrets that will 

make your journey easier and faster, should you decide that one or more of these money-making options are

a good fit for you.

Thank you for reading, much success. 

George Pierce

PS. I invite you to visit my youtube channel for free affiliate marketing training.


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  • Top Member

    Oh yes I love reading this post because it offers value for your readers, you have supplied great tips that many people can do to grow their income. Unfortunately many people haven't a clue how to do it. So your post is timely and beneficial. Thanks George Pierce for all your effort in helping those that need it. They will definitely get the very best solution and answers in this post. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      Thanks, Terri.  I agree that most of us have no clue, but we can fix that.  With a little faith in themselves and a little help, anyone can change their circumstances.

  • Top Commentor

    Making money is, as you rightly say George, not difficult. Being poor, as you clearly know, is difficult. So, why do more poor people not turn to making money in order to relieve their poverty? Is it because they believe that changing their circumstance is difficult? In that case they need to seek out and refer to those like yourself who can, not only point them in the right direction, but can take their hand and guide them to the wealth they seek.

    • Top Video Contributor

      Shhhh!  One of my tips is to follow in someone else's footsteps.  We so often stand in our own way. Thank you, Tom.

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