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Most Memorable Moment in Marketing



The most memorable moment in marketing came for me when my husband ask me what an envelope was laying on my table and I told him it was for a DBA (Doing Business As) form for a new business I am doing and...


You have faced this many times in your marketing life. if you haven't, then "you" have just started out on your journey. If you are new to marketing you will face it trust me.

 Your friends and family scoff at your dream. They think you are nuts because you think differently than they do!

Many will laugh right in your face when you say you are going to work in a home based business.

I know, I've been there and would wager that every single person that does have a home based business has faced the very same thing.

That's okay though let them laugh!

Because believe me when I tell you, "He that laughs last really does laugh best!"

The most perfect moment in my marketing career came when those that laughed out loud watched me as I dug, scraped, clawed, and (yes, said a few bad words) on my way to where I am today.

I went from a newbie 14 years ago not knowing anything! I didn't know where to start, what to do or who to believe. I would get built up then fail. I would get in sure things only to go bust.

It is all a part of it folks all of it, the laughing, failing all of it.

There is a silver lining because those reactions are old hat now. These same people see I have several successful businesses, including a magazine that is read around the world.

I have a staff that works for me that are the best there is and those that once laughed at my home based business idea now watch as I work from home while they pull the 9 to 5ers.

I have worked my way to where my dream is unfolding and coming true and yours will too.

All you have to do is believe in you and ignore those that don't!



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