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Motivational Marketing Don't Be A Choke and Puke Marketer

motivational marketing

Motivational marketing is misunderstood. When someone tells you all you have to do is motivate others to get them in your business it triggers a message to your brain.

That message is: "Make them fill out the opt-in box"

In truth you can't make them do anything they have to want to before they will. This then makes the message to your brain a wrong one.

What you need to do is learn what others really want and that is just this is 100% of the time.

They want you to treat them with friendship, respect, honesty and listen back when they speak.

Do you do that?

Or are you a...

Choke and Puke Marketer? (I will explain "Choke and Puke later...)

Do you want to just tell others your thoughts, about your business and never listen or care about what they say, think or are doing?

If this is the case you have already failed my friend. How can you tell if you do this? Simple, when you place a blog post do you in return at least read a few and leave comments and likes?

You have to be willing to accommodate and interact with others before they know and like you enough to even care what you are saying on your blog or ads. Let alone join you.

[ The term, "Choke and Puke" is a term that those of us that worked as Radio Disk Jockeys used to describe other Djs that used a fake lowered, loud and obnoxious voice to broadcast.] In essence they were trying to prove how great they were yet turned people off]

Don't Be A Choke and Puke Marketer

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  • Well done Susan.  Great read.  People need to form a trust and communication is very important.  Too many in online businesses are just in the  ME ME ME world.  They work hard to bring in new members into their downlines but do not create a good relationship/communication with them.  Then they wonder why they lose so many of their members.  We do not just sign up people and then stop talking with them.  We mentor them and help them when needed.  Thanks for sharing Susan. 

  • Love this article Susan. "Don't be a choke and puke Marketer."  Outstanding and speaks for itself.  Hope others takes heed.  Liked and Shared.

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