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Motivational Marketing Reaping The Seed

Motivational Marketing Reaping The Seed

 Motivational Marketing is like planting a seed in your garden then watching it grow and develop over time. Such is "Motivational Marketing" it's a seed you plant of self worth.

You plant this seed not in the ground but in the hearts and minds of others. You then watch as their Spirit grows and their success matures.

In Attraction Marketing you plant the seed in the minds of others that you have value to give. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of marketing.

However, nothing was planted. Nothing will grow. All you have done is just given away the seed.

The person may or may not plant that seed (Use the eBook,CD,advice...) or what ever you have given them.

In Motivational Marketing as soon as you have given the other person a glimmer of self-worth, that one tiny seed starts growing and maturing into something beautiful.

Now for the difference in how these seeds grow and mature. In Attraction Marketing the seed grows fast but soon withers out when there's nothing else to give.

Many times the person will leave when the giving is over or it's time for them to actually do something.

Why, because you have given no self worth. You only handed out things.

In Motivational Marketing the seed may grow fast or it could grow slow; depending on the state their self worth is what determines the speed of growth.

The difference in maturity is that more than likely the Attraction will stop when the giving does. Your people will jump ship at the next shinny thing that comes along.

Motivational Marketing has given them self worth and believe me when I tell you once you fine someone that gives you that you don't want to go anywhere.

I hope you have enjoyed this segment on Motivational Marketing. If you would like to be a part of it all I welcome you.

I hope you will bring others to my blog to find their self worth as well.

If you would like to work with me in my business then lets talk.

Susan J Boston

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