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My Big Give Away January 2022

My Big GiveAway

My Big Give Away is brought to you by 
The Internet Marketer Training Channel

My Big Give Away is for both online marketers and YouTubers.  If you are using YouTube to drive traffic or if you want to start or grow your YouTube channel, upi will benefit from this give away,  this is for you..

yes you can George Piwece

 Welcome to:

My Big Give-Away!
For January 2022

I am George Pierce.

Occasionally, I give away an Internet Marketing gift. 
No email is required.

This Big Give-Away is a two-fer with a SURPRISE BONUS!

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You will find your BONUS below!

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But first, enjoy some


John and Doris are on their way to get married, but they end up in a fatal car accident.

In an instant, John and Doris find themselves at the Pearly Gates.
While waiting to get in, they begin to wonder if they can get married in Heaven?
When they pass through the gates, they ask Saint Peter if they can get married in Heaven.

St. Peter admitted, "I do not know. This is actually the first time that anyone has asked. I will go find out,'" St. Peter left.


John and Doris waited and waited. Days pass and Doris and John keep waiting.  After a month passes, the young couple begins to wonder what would happen if things did not work out, now they start to wonder, "could you get a divorce in heaven?"  

St. Peter finally returns after 3 long months, "Yes," he informed the couple, "You can get married in Heaven."

 "Thank You." said the couple,
"Now we are wondering, what if things do not work out?
Can we get a divorce in Heaven?"

St. Peter, became red-faced. Could it be that he was angry?

 "What's wrong?" asked John and Doris.

 St. Peter's voice was a bit loud as he replied, "It has taken me three months to find a preacher up here!

I have no idea how long it is going to take me to find a lawyer!"

Thank you so much for watching my videos and for your support. 

I appreciate it.

George Pierce.

TWO Thank You Gifts!

Enjoy the following two compilations of music tracks. 

These tracks are royalty-free high-quality music with no need for attribution.  Track #1 is over 162 MB, Track #2 is over 129 MB, your bonus contains almost 300 MB or high-quality royalty-free music. 

Thank You and Enjoy.
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Courtesy of George Pierce

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  • Top Member

    You covered it all in this post George Pierce and you my friend is a true success on Youtube and in all you do. I love the joke at the end as well. Keep sharing great information because I know you genuinely want to help people to succeed online. 

    • Top Commentor

      Yes, I agree Terri. George's article is comprehensive but not overwhelming. A rare talent!

  • Top Commentor

    Credibility belongs to those who practice what they preach George (unlike all the preachers absent from heaven) and you sure do inspire confidence because what you are saying is directly reflected in your actions; in this case your presentation. The 'freebies' approach is well established as a foot in the door to future trade and I see you practicing this with considerable generosity and skill.

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