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Objectively Observing Are Humans Capable?

Objectively Observing Are Humans Capable?

Objectively Observing

Objectively observing something as humans is that even possible? Honestly this is something that I've never really given much thought to which is kind of strange because...

I am a Thinker!

I stumbled upon this very question while nosing around on the net. I found a great link and if you click here you can see it too! You will find some thought provoking things there I think you will like.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about that very question. The human condition of the mind and morality is seen, processed, categorized and filed away in our minds in a systematic way.

This systematic way is determined by what we are programed to think and feel. One example that comes to mind is this:

Objectively Observing

Back in the day, as you were watching T.V. You never heard cussing as well you never saw some of the things you do now even on commercials.

If they would have aired some of today's T.V shows and commercials back in the day, people's sensibilities would surely have been offended. Why?

Why would those back then be offended, when today we just take it as Status Quo? People were programed differently back then than they are today.

Objectively observing something you much be free and clear of all opinions, feelings and Pre-conclusive thought.

Now here's my mind melt question:

If the human mind is programed then how can we be free of all opinions, feelings and pre-conclusive ideas?

Think about this, every human has opinions how then is objectively observing something possible by a human?

I hope you enjoy thinking I'd love to hear your thoughts. I would also love for you to share my post with others that like to think!!!


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