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Page One #3 spot in 19 minutes and for free


Hi All.

I am George Pierce.  I just posted a very short video that I was going to share here on SE just for your enjoyment.  

I do a little SEO BEFORE and after I post content, text, or video.  As you can see, the two videos in first and second place

in YT search have a total of almost 2 Million views.  That is a pretty good reason for posting the video, 1M views should yield about

$4,000 and the video takes a couple of minutes to put together. 

After seeing my video, the third video with NO VIEWS is in third place in 19 minutes, well.. I felt that I had to share this.

This is the actual video,  Donald and Ivanna Trump do a great job, enjoy.

Spoiler, they eat pizza the WRONG way, on purpose, you guessed it, it is stuffed crust pizza.


This is all a result of a strategy called Faceless Videos.  I have been using this 

strategy for about 12 or 13 years on YT as a way to drive traffic.

Recently, a little over a week ago, I employed it in a different way which is to 

earn money from views.  YT pays about $4 per 1K views after your channel is 'eligible'.

which is 1K subscribers and 4k watch hours in a year or less.

I am sharing the entire Faceless Video strategy in step-by-step training here on SE.

I invite you to see if it might be a good fit for you.

Visit the Faceless Video Training Series

The First Post is The Absolute Fastest Way To Get Free Traffic

This strategy can help you in one or two ways.  One way is the way that I have been using for years which is to

use YT to send traffic to whatever you need traffic for, the second is to use it to make money on YT.

Thanks for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  If free affiliate marketing training is of interest to you, visit my YT channel, Internet Marketer Training.

PPS.  The strategy is called Faceless Videos because you never need to get in front of a camera.  In fact, you never need to make a video, you use other people's videos.  It is all legit and free, even the tools and resources are free.  There is literally zero cost.  


Above is a snapshot of the tags for this video.  I want you to see that getting on page one is NOT a fluke.  TubeBuddy will get you there.  Once you install TB, a button under tags will show up that says show search results.  I am not quite done and I need to sort (which TB will do for me), but every keyword phrase in the GREEN means that it is on page one of YT search!  The number in the green box is its position.  3rd or fourth or better is going to put your brand new video at the TOP!  

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  • Top Member

    Wow that's impressive and your strategy is working like crazy to get people paid using Youtube. It's so easy to do too. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I was a bit shocked. 12 out of 14 tags on a new channel on page one of YT search almost instantly. The best way to get on page one of Google is by way of YT, at least for me.  I cannot wait!  Thanks, Terri.  I may be about ready to start translating some of these videos.  

    • Top Member

      Well since Google owns YouTube they go to it to find video content to put in their search engine. It's a great strategy you have developed I know the feeling of having a strategy started. That's how I created my Twitter Strategy training and people need to know how to market on Twitter the right way for success. This is what my strategy does. 





    • Top Video Contributor

      Exactly, Twitter is and has been an excellent source of traffic, especially when you engage.  Thanks, Terri.   

    • Top Member

      Engagement and developing a relationship with people is the key to success online and offline. When you take the time to get to know, like and trust people and if they reciprocate. You have a friend for life and a database of potential customers. This is only way your success will happen. 

      You know and have did that. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      So very true, thanks, Terri.  Customers and business associates become friends.  

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