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Password to The Happy Marriage...

Password to The Happy Marriage

happy marriage

The happy marriage has a password it's, "Oh well". Learning this one tiny phrase and embedding it in your heart will see you throughout a great marriage.

To many couples wander into marriage surrounded with dreams of happily ever after. Face it we all love a happy ending.

This is the very reason we love those Christmas love story movies because most of them have an unquestionable ending...

I am not saying that romance, happiness and dreams of the perfect marriage is a bad thing. It's not but at some point the fog clears and you are left with what once was the perfect human and you get...

That person that snores, leaves the cap off the tooth paste and gripes if you don't fit their ideal mental mold they have build of the perfect relationship.

happy marriage

You of course have several options here when this person appears.

  • Try and change them (don't work)
  • Get mad and yell (also don't work)
  • Ignore it and just stew in anger (like a pressure cooker)
  • Or...(what I suggest)...

Just say:

happy marriage

You can't live with them, you can't live without them and YOU CAN'T kill em! What you are left with is "Oh well" and you know what? It works! :)

There is a quote that if you mentally file this away it will help you to understand that somethings can be changed and some can not...

What difference could this possibly make? Well, let me show you...

Long Term Happy Marriage

 happy marriage

Not So Happy Marriage (Divorce/Break-up Pending)

not so happy marriage

Know the password, share the password don't be selfish. This is one password you want to pass around to your spouse, friends and those you care about that are married or in a relationship.

What's that password again?




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