The Daily Meditation 1.10.2014

Perfect Health and Healing is Our Divine Birthright

Claudia Lucas, RScP


God is wholeness, vitality infinite intelligence in each and every cell of every living being. God is the creative energy in everyone and everything

I know that as I am one with God and connected at the soul level to its Divine intelligence infinite healing power and love, it is also true for everyone and everything. I affirm that any disturbance illness or disease that appears is not the Truth of our being because we are one with, and connected to the only Truth there is Pure Love, Wholeness, Perfection, Divine Intelligence which permeates every cell of our being. This intelligence in every cell of our body knows exactly how to heal itself, and it cannot help not to since each cell is connected to Spirit, Life itself which only knows perfection, wholeness, vitality and vibrant health as our Divine birthright. It is our divine birthright to live life to the fullest in limitless expression of the greatest joy, health, vitality, wisdom, and love that ever expands, and continually blesses us. We are each a blessing to behold in the eyes of Spirit, and as we align with this Truth, anything unlike Love, Perfection, Peace, Wholeness, falls by the wayside never to be seen again.

I am so grateful for this Truth, and for the action of the Law knowing as I speak it, it is carried forth into manifestation.

As I release my word, a wave of peace, like a soft breeze, washes over me for I know it is already done.

And So It Is.

Claudia Lucas is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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