Plexus Slim Products Facts

1. They are ALL-Natural and  work!!
2. Our company started out as a breast health company only, in 2005! Slim was introduced by the company in 2009!
3. Bio cleanse helps to regulate your digestive system.
4.All products are gluten free. (NOT POSITIVE ABOUT ACELERATOR+ YET)
5.The Slim has a Natural Anti-Inflammatory in it...and it helps my arthritis!!
6. ProBio5 kills Candida yeast overgrowth and relieves many symptoms associated with Candida.
7.All products come with a 60 day money back guarantee!
8. Once you personally sponsor 3 active ambassadors you reach the rank of Silver and earn a $100 bonus that is paid out with our monthly commission check!
9.Bio Cleanse oxygenates your body.
10. Once you reach 100 pay points in the same month, you reach the rank of Gold and earn a $250 bonus!
11.Your backup order/auto qualification MUST BE ON in order to be eligible for any pay from our company!
12.Plexus 96 is only 96 calories! It has 15grams of protein! 2 grams of sugar, 2 carbs
13.5 points each for your levels 1-3 if they qualify
14.Our products are made with natural ingredients.
15.There are 10 ways to get paid from plexus.
16.The body cream introduced originally as the breast cream treats skin irritation, dryness, and burns.
17.You would have to take 5 OTC probiotics to equal the enzymes we have in our probio 5!
18. The xfactor multi vitamin contain aloe which assists In the absorption of the products you are using (by x300%)
19. Ambassadors can purchase their products wholesale and can easily become one for $34.95 a year without inventory or parties. We "share" Plexus...not "sell" Plexus.
20.We get a bonus for each preferred customer, every month that they are active and their order ships!
21.Plexus slim helps to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.
22.Slim was originally created for type II diabetics and it was originally in the form of a syrup!
23.They have Welcome Packs for everyone's budget.
24.Pay points average $3.50 PER POINTS and have been above $3.50 for all of 2013 so far except for November...they were right at $3.50.You earn pay points by sponsoring people and building a team under you.
25. Having 3 customers buy from your website basically earns you enough money to pay for your own product monthly!! BUY 3 DRINK FREE!!
26. Between the probio 5 and bio cleanse there are 8 anti-inflammatories
27.3 things are required to be active for the month: Auto qualification ON, at least $100 personal volume, & your membership paid up to date!
28.Our company is 100% DEBT-FREE!!
29.A preferred customer can cancel after 15 days with no penalty

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