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Positivity Test I Challenge You to Take It!

Positivity Test I Challenge You to Take It!

Positivity is not something you should have to wait until the end to experience. You can experience it whenever you wish because you control the remote.

Although the quote up there is a cute one, lets see if we can get you to the positive point long before the end want to? :) ====Read More

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  • Brilliant Susan and my results are :  

    Your Positivity Scores for today

    Your Positivity Score for today is: 10.
    Your Negativity Score for today is: 2. 
    Your Positivity Ratio for today is: 5.00.

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    HI Sandy,

    Your very welcome and yes we can all use it :)

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    Hear Hear!!! you are very welcome and thank you for sharing it and all that you do :)

  • Thanks for sharing this, Susan...we can all use a little help staying positive.  Blessings!

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    Here's to a lot of rainbows for everyone. Thanks for sharing your post Susan and the positivity test. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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