Praying Bold Prayers

   When you pray to the Lord do you pray small prayers or Bold Prayers? Joel Osteen

always talks about Bold Prayers when he preaches. I believe that if you pray you

should pray for Bold Prayers. I don't know about you but I do not want to just ask for

 small things in life but the things only our heavenly father can provide for us all. 

In Joel Osteen's book "It's Your Time" he gives us an example:

What if God had five blessings in store for you last week but you missed out because you were not praying boldly to him?

A big break?
A good Idea?
A profitable opportunity?
A person who'll chance your life?
A chance to benefit others with your talents?
A healthier and healing life?
A business that will meet all your needs and goals?

Those potential blessings are still stored in your heavenly warehouse. Only bold

 prayers will open the door to them. You may be so kindhearted and generous that

 you always pray for others, but you never ask God to fulfill your own dreams. It is

 good to help others. But every morning after you thank God for what He's done, after

 you thank Him for His goodness in your life,  you should get in the habit of saying,

 "God, I'm asking for Your favor today. I'm asking for supernatural opportunities,

God, that You'd bring every dream, every desire, that You'd bring that fulfillment."

 Have you ever dared to ask God to help you own your home free and clear without

 monthly payments? That is a Bold Prayer, isn't it? You may say that is impossible. but

 if you believe, all things are possible. Nothing is to hard for our Heavenly
father. One touch of His favor can take yhou to a new level! I truely believe that is so true.

People who have joined Plexus say in their testimonies Plexus Slim has been a God send products and they are very greatful  for what plexus has done for them. They are able to get the healing they needed, they are able to get rid of the scars, they are able to leave their daily jobs to work plexus fulltime and loving it. 

The Lord loves us all and he wants to Bless us in so many ways. It's up to us to go for it and look for his blessings daily. We serve a far out God.

No matter what comes against you, if you'll be bold enough to ask, the rest of your life can be better than ever before.

The Plexus Products can help with so many sickness and diseases out there and it's up to you to take that chance and get
the healing your searching for. Contact me anytime if you would like to know what products can help you.

God Bless and thank you for reading
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