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You ever go into a store and see them giving out samples? Do you try out the samples? I always go by how it looks. I'm a very picky person when it comes to food.

People love to try samples before they go to buy anything just to see if they will even like it. That's a great idea. There is nothing wrong with trying anything out.

I don't mind giving out samples of plexus products but it seems like people like to get samples but do not care to try the products out. Why get the products if your not going to take the products? I know some people who are hurting and I give them the products to show it works to help them but they will not try the products out to get rid of the pains in their body.

I'm not forcing anyone to take anything but if your going to tell me your hurting and I give you something for the pain and you do not take it then don't expect for me to help you again. Why just have the products sit around in your house just to go to waste?

It's kinda like someone shows you there is something out there to help you with your health issues but you don't take that chance to see how well it really does work but you just end up suffer and wonder why can't you get the help? Well it's there, it's your choice to take it.

Some people will charge you for samples. Some charge you more then they should for samples. It gets crazy sometimes. I like to give out samples if Im able to give any. I have never charged for any.

Plexus Products work and the testimonies shows you how well. They just keep growing everyday. Ambassador #139204

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Thank you and God Bless

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