Publicity - Obtaining Good Publicity - Part I


Publicity is “notice or attention given to something, someone, some business, or some cause or venture by the media.” This is the traditional definition of publicity. Traditional publicity is one way to promote traffic to your website. This form of publicity includes television, radio, newspapers and magazines. You can use any of these means once you have something that is newsworthy to report. There is also paid traditional media advertisement in which you can buy ads on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Postal mail and telephone calls are considered traditional ways to promote your business.

Furthermore, the only alternative to media for the dissemination of information was word of mouth. Word of mouth is a quick means of spreading information to many people in a short time. Before media existed, word of mouth was the only means to spread information to many people.

Moreover, modern media charge for advertising because they exist to make a profit. There us no charge if the information is newsworthy. Business can get free print publicity by producing press releases, and explaining awards or recognition they have received or events they are sponsoring. More importantly, for anything to be spread freely, whether by modern media or word of mouth, it must be newsworthy.

Continuing, social media is a technological extension of word of mouth. This is the reason why people have embraced social media and made it a part of their daily lives because it comes naturally. The advantageous aspect of social media is that it is usually free. Except for paid advertising or paid promotion on social media, there is no charge for the use of social media sites. Social media is another means of obtaining publicity; however, the success of social media promotion, like word of mouth, depends on the interest that can be created. That is, the posts must be interesting or newsworthy for it to be an effective means of spreading information. 



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  • Great post Nichola and as Terri says publicity is a must and what better than word of mouth as this is more likely someone who has tried and tested and a great testimonial for your product.

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    Publicity is a must for a business to succeed. As you stated in your post, some publicity maybe word of mouth which is the best kind because it means that people are telling others about your business. Thank you Nichola for sharing your post in the SE community.

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