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Mocked and Belittled For Acts of Kindness

Mocked and Belittled For Acts of Kindness?


The very definition of kindness is to give without expectations of a return. It doesn't matter if they deserve it or not. I do my best to always be kind to others, for this action I've been called weak, stupi

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10 Helpful Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

10 Helpful Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

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1. Whittle your middle

If you're shaped more like an apple than a pear, you're at a

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3818731651?profile=original, first published in January 2015, currently has visitors from 98 countries who, through our translation software, are reading our posts and pages in 10 different languages.

Through our blog posts and website pages, we ar

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If you are concerned about the future for your unsaved children and other loved ones, here is a new free tool to make it easy for you to be a witness to them!

Proverbs 11:30 Tells Us "He Who Wins Souls Is Wise!" And Matthew 28:16-20 Tells Us That We

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