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It's funny as well as sad but, there are those which put forth false fronts to the world. What they might not know is you can't put forth a front to God. He sees all and knows all from the tiniest of white lies to the murder's of our world.
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    Hi Terri,

    Yes that's all true! In my life I know that I do wrong but I always know God is with me, I always know he holds me in his hand. :)

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    God loves us unconditionally. He knows we're not perfect, and he gives us free will to live our lives. He gives us the Bible which is his instructions for living a godly and righteous life. If you choose to follow Satan the devil. then you should be ready to accept the consequences of your actions. The wrong way will land you in the wrong place, in the graveyard (dead as a door nail). Read Matthew 24 and Revelations 21:1 & 4.

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