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This morning was one of the mornings I put on makeup. I used my moisturizer then proceeded to apply my concealer. I use this because it covers my imperfections as well as it has SPF of 21 this keeps one of God's gifts, (The Sun) away from me. This way no one sees my flaws and the Sun is less damaging.

As I applied this I realized that====>Read More

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  • Was wondering where you were going with this one.  It's a great word picture. We have to be ourselves and no sense pretending we are not. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog, Susan.

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    Thanks Terri, I appreciate it very much

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    God knows what we're thinking, he knows our heart and soul. There is nothing we can hide from him. After all he is the one who created us all. Why shouldn't he know every thing, he is almighty God, our Father and creator of Heaven and Earth and Us. Susan I like the illustration you used in your post. Very nicely done and I have liked and shared via Syndication Automation.

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