Rattlesnake Wrangling and SEO

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Rattlesnake Wrangling and SEO

I would say that it is a safe bet that you do not like to do either of these things. Neither did I until I moved to New Mexico. We are in a county area which is not in the city. Every spring, rattlesnakes like to come from the empty land and into our property. I got to learn a new skill. I created a makeshift loop with a piece of PVC and rope which kept me at  distance and actually made it easy to get  hold of the snake. I didn't feel a need to kill any of the snakes, so I would take a walk behind our property and then let it go. 

I know that your asking, what the heck does that have to do with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? As I mentioned, most people do not like to do either thing, but I do.  I create websites for clients and use Wordpress as the platform. I create great websites for them but when it comes time for them to keep the websites updated with content and making the content SEO friendly, many do not have the time to do that and do not have the budget to pay someone to do it for them. The website is great but it is hard for them to get traffic to it. Granted, you can use paid ads, but that can be expensive. 

So, I started searching for a way to get my clients websites traffic in a way that the traffic would be consistent and evergreen. It took me a while, but I did find a program that would fit the bill. To keep it simple the program allows me to create massive web pages that we call Universal Recommendation Pages.

  Getting back to SEO, I could do a good job with the websites and have the right plugins to help the client with SEO for each page that the clients created. The problem was the SEO was only for maybe 1-3 keywords for that page. As you can probably figure out, it takes a lot of page/posts to be able to cover as many keywords as you can think of for a particular niche. 

  This is where the Universal Recommendation Pages shine. I create completely separate websites and each page spotlights 2-9 keywords. Over time, thousands of pages can be created. These pages have a focused design where there is a header picture and a link right below that picture. When anyone clicks the link to one of the pages they will see, front and center, the header image and the link. The header image is clickable, as is the link and they direct people to your website. 

With SEO, one must follow certain rules in order for your pages to get indexed by the search engines. The Universal Recommendation Pages are based on those rules. That is the reason, number one, why they get indexed and number two, why over time they move up in the ranking of the search. The more pages one has working for them, the better the ranking of those pages and the likelihood that people will find them when they are searching. 

As I mentioned, these Universal Recommendation Pages are completely whitehat, which means they follow the rules of the search engines. That also means we do not have control of how fast the pages will be indexed. It can happen quickly or it may take up to three months to have some of them indexed. That is up to the search engines. When your purchase any of our packages, we make sure that you get a certain number of pages indexed. So, we will probably created more pages than you purchased to make sure you get all of the pages indexed. 

Bottom line, the Universal Recommendation Pages get indexed, get ranking and have many times dominated the first page of the search engine. By doing that, your website will have an increase in traffic which is the goal. 

While rattlesnake wrangling did not have too much to do with SEO, I think that it shows that I am willing to go the extra mile to get any website more Traffic, which will lead to more Leads and then more Sales. 

Please go to http://ibourl.net/uap for more information and how to get started.

Richard Mathiason


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  • Thanks for sharing 'Rattlesnake Wrangling and SEO'     Seo rules and different methods continue to change over the  years.  Google keeps us on our toes too

  • Excellent information Richard, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing this information with us Richard.  You can keep the snakes, but the SEO sounds really good:)  Very interesting.  Liked and Shared.

  • Top Member

    I agree with Carolyn. Very good information Richard, and I will be posting it on the Syndication Express blog so many many more people can see it.

  • Good post, Richard! In both rattlesnake wrangling and SEO, using the proper tools will get the job done better.

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