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Relationships in Marketing

Relationships in Marketing


Relationships in marketing are much like that of marriage as well as two best friends. However, we will be looking at the marketing relationship in this post.

When you find a good fit with someone on line approach that relationship like you would a marriage. The reason you do this is if this relationship throws you together in a marketing endeavor you very well may spend as much time with them as you would a spouse or close to it.

No one wants to feel as though they are a tasty piece of meat and you are the hungry tiger! They want to know that you sincerely want to get to know them, like them and accept them. This will not happen unless you show these qualities first.

As the relationship grows there are going to be times that your relationship is not ideal. You will encounter problems, just as with a marriage. You don't run out and get a divorce at the first sign of trouble. (Unless your a movie star) and that's a whole different matter. :)

Your marketing relationship isn't based on not having problems it is based upon the ability of the two parties to work through those problems. What makes a good marketing relationship so good and strong is:

  • sincerely caring about the other person,
  • friendship and
  • loyalty,

These three commodities are what will drive the relationship to find a way to work out any problem that arises.

Much like the old quote says...

You don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

You don't through out a friendship or partnership just because problems rear their ugly head now and again.

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Susan Boston

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  • Great post Susan and more people need to see this to find out what proper marketing is all about.  Thanks for sharing.

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    Great post on relationships in marketing. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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