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Relationships - When trust is gone, what else is there? 

Not much because it's just a matter of letting them go and realizing they are not the person you thought they were.

You have been seeing the signs that a person is not being totally honest with you. They never answer your questions and they keep changing the subject.  I think this is because it gives them time to make up another lie to tell you so you can't catch them in their web of lies. What they don't realize is, you already know they're lying. 

So you let it go and don't say anything.

Until another lie comes and then more lies. This is not a good thing because you know the whole relationship is constant lies all the time.  

Now it's time for you to evaluate the relationship and make a decision to just let it go

If you don't let it go then what happens is more lies will come and this person is not who you want to be around or even talk too anymore. 

The Bible scripture at Lev. 18:19 tells us to "love your fellow man as yourself" and Col. 3:9 says: "Do not lie to one another." 

Here we can see in the scripture above (Col 3:9) that a person who continues to lie don't believe the words in the Bible and they don't love God. God cannot lie and he doesn't want us to do it. The truth is not in that person and you know they don't love God because God is love and love is God. 

If they lie to you, this means they are wicked like Satan the devil.

All you can do is pray for them and put them in God's hand and let them go. 

Sooner or later they will realize the error of their ways because God can read hearts and know what we're all thinking. You can't hide from God. If a person continues on this destructive path, there will be a price to pay.


In closing I say this to anyone reading this. If you know someone that is not trustworthy then you should take the advice above, pray for them and get away from them. The path they're traveling on is not where you want to go. 

Let them go!!!

Terri Pattio

MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart

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    Thank you Robin for reading and commenting on my post. Exactly what I feel too. God wants us to trust and love each other. If we don't have love for each other then we don't love God. His love is unconditional love and truthfulness. This is especially important in business because your relationship is based on truthfulness. 

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    You're right about this Terri.  A person who will lie to you is not worth
    worth your time or effort.  Once you lose trust you have nothing. 

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    I was inspired to write this post based on an experience I had in the past and I thought it would help someone that maybe in the same situation. Thank you George for reading and commenting. 

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    Your advice may sometimes be bittersweet, but it is spot on.  Thanks, Terri.

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