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    Thank you Sonia I hope so
  • Acceptance of who we truly are is what brings us closer. Sadly, acceptance is not a virtue of many. We are all a part of the whole and should remember that before we judge others. Experience every moment.

    A very thought provoking article Susan :)

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    Amen Susan and Timothy. Much love my brother and sister. May God bless you both with peace, happiness and prosperity.

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    Exactly Timothy :)

  • I believe God meant for us to love one another,after all in his eyes we are all related.

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    Leaving life up to God is how I always try and live my life. The great thing about me not being perfect is....He already knows it :)

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    Hi Terri,

    Thank you for reading and commenting and sharing :)

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    I believe God created the heaven and the earth. If you go to God's word the Bible and read John 3:16 then you will know how much he loves us and what he did because he loves us. Matthew 24:14 shows us what is happening right now in the world and what is to come. God cannot lie and the world will be a paradise on earth very soon as this system of things comes to an end. Susan I enjoyed reading your post and it's been shared via Syndication Automation.

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