Remember Best, Forget Rest

  • Well, to day I completed my 365th day of my Rick Warren Devotional Reading Plan! What an exciting journey it has been exploring, learning, and applying God's truth. 

    Praise God for giving me the discipline to daily feed at His table! 

    Indeed , "The entrance (unfolding) of your Word gives light and understanding to the simple." Psalm 119:130

    Be encouraged and feast on His Word , not only in corporate gatherings, but daily. As Brother Mark Bethel use to sing, "it'll do your soul some good!"

    I thought I would share this inspiring, final devotional with you my readers. I hope it inspires you to be a better person today both in your personal life and in your relationship with others - family and business associates

  • "What do you remember about people? The good experiences or the bad experiences? Paul said, "I like to remember the good things about people, focus on the good times we've had, remember the positive experiences." 

    When Paul said this he had not had an easy time in Philippi. Acts 16 tells us that when he went to Philippi he was illegally arrested, whipped, humiliated, and thrown into prison -- before finally being asked to leave town. Yet he says, "I thank God every time I remember you." 

    Paul could have dwelt on the negative. He could have remembered the painful memories. He chose not to remember the painful; instead, he focused on the things he could be grateful for. 

    Maybe you have been hurt in the past by a parent or a partner and you're still holding on to that hurt. As a result you can't enjoy being around them today. You're still focusing on the bad and the negative. Be grateful for the good in people. Pleasant memories are a choice. I can choose what I'm going to remember about the past.

    If you want to enjoy others, you've got to focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses. With some people it takes a lot of creativity. But you can find something good in everybody.

    I'm not saying that you deny the hurts you've had or that you excuse the weaknesses in other people. That is psychologically unhealthy. But focus on the good and choose to emphasize the strengths."
  • Now go and choose to Remember the Best and Forget the Rest!

        Visit and get healthy also!

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  • Thanks Sandy. Our world would be a better place if we all adopt this rule.

  • Thank you, Stephen.  This is a great rule to live by, "Remember the best, forget the rest."  I will try to remember it each day :)

  • Yes Stephen, so true.

  • Thanks Merle. If we live in the past and on the negatives, we defeat our own progress and happiness.

  • Loved it Stephen.

  • Very Inspirational Stephen

  • Great article Stephen.  When we start the day with the Lord we get so much more out of the day and are able to give out more to others as well.  Fill the cup and then pour it out.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

  • Thanks Terri for your gracious comments. Can you direct me how to use Sweeva for maximum results?

  • Top Member

    This is an excellent post and it is so true Stephen. I love it and I'm happy to share it so more people can read it.

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